Azores Surf School and things that you like


lessons are intended for students who master the first phase of initiation. Instead of being in the foams they will be positioned in the “outside” area that precedes the surf. The goal is to get to the “peak” and be able to catch the real waves. Once in the “outside” the student should be physically and psychologically prepared to deepen the art of surfing: paddling, “take off”, “drop” and “bottom turn”.

Main Difficulties in Evolution:

– Physical condition required for the required paddling;

– Fear of waves;

– Positioning in the “Outside”;

– Selection and autonomy in catching waves;

– Timing in the maneuvers;

– Stance irregular.

Ideal Area of Learning

São Miguel presents the best conditions for learning due to the diversity of sand bottom beaches and mixed bottoms that offer safety and comfort to the initiates, intermediate and advanced.

We need a beach that presents small and medium waves and preferably that are not tubular. It should have a channel, so as to facilitate the student’s movement between the seashore and the “outside”. Finally, you should find a crowd-free wave, so that you can learn in a quiet and reserved environment.

Materials Required

Large and bulky evolution boards to assisting paddling and stability.