Azores Surf School and things that you like


The classes for “beginners” are intended for students who have never had contact with surfing and those who frequently encounter difficulties in their initiation.

In addition to not knowing the equipment to be used and their proper handling, they can not identify the various hazards that the sea presents.

Main Difficulties in learning:

– Use of the board;

– Select and catch wave without teacher help;

– Execution of the “Take Off”;

– Posture on the board;

– Fear of waves;

– Physical condition necessary for the practice of the modality.

Ideal area of learning

Unlike the other islands of the Azores, São Miguel presents the best conditions for learning due to the diversity of sandy bottom beaches that offer safety and comfort to the initiates.

We need a beach that presents a sand bank, preferably in the empty tide, and may vary according to the state of the sea and the beach. This condition will facilitate the student’s movement between the seashore and the surf zone. Lastly, this area should be removed from the seashore so that the student has sufficient space to stand and slide as far as possible safely.

Materials Required

Big boards, large and bulky.