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Azores Surf School
The First Surf School Of Azores

The Azores Surf School, founded in June 2004 by Big Rider and national coach José Seabra, is located on São Miguel Island. As coach, Seabra launched and accompanied Tiago Pires (first Portuguese to join the world elite) in the World Tour. To complement the team, André Caetano and Ester Lopes appear as assistant coaches.

With the entrance of Tiago Pires in the World Tour, André Caetano becomes responsible for the School until today, occupying the position of Technical Manager.

In addition to the training, there were workshops on surfing and yoga, commemorative events alluding to the international day of surfing and actions to raise awareness for the preservation of the environment.

Surf trips, camps were some of the initiatives taken that contributed to the personal and collective growth of the coach, students and family. The direct contact with nature and the search for the “perfect wave” helped to instill the true essence of surf in each one.

The School

At a time when there was no support for Surfing practice, the private school Azores Surf School comes with the aim of teaching and sharing the passion for surfing, contributing to the physical and psychological well-being of those who practice it.

From beginning to advanced surfers, personalized training and the desire to evolve have contributed to an increasing number of students of various levels and ages, coming from all over the world.

Safety, professionalism, fun and exclusive services make Azores Surf School, a pioneer in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, an institution of high quality.

From boards, suits and a van that will transport the students to the beach that presents the best conditions, we have all the necessary equipment for initiation and evolution of the modality.

Both the School and its teachers are recognized by the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

The Coach

André Caetano, born in Ponta Delgada, has more than 20 years of surfing experience.

He started his coaching career in 2004 along with José Seabra.

Over the years the knowledge of the local beaches and the experience gained, have allowed him to consolidate strong foundations of “Know How” necessary for the proper formation of surf.


At only 18 years of age, André Caetano held the Salvador Swimmer Course recognized by the Instituto de Socorros a  Náufragos. As a lifelong swimmer, the nine years of safeguarding the safety of swimmers allowed him to gain and develop extensive experience in the field of safety, proving to be of added value to the School.

Certified and recognized by the Portuguese Surfing Federation, he has a Professional Level 1 Surf Coach portfolio since 2005.

In addition to these competences, he carried out the Course of Collective Transportation of Children, recognized by Prevenção Rodoviária Açoriana.

The persistent search for new waves and cultures, add to your resume several trips to the best surf spots in the world. Indonesia (Bali and Mentawaii), Central America (Dominican Republic), Canary Islands (Tenerife, Fuerte Ventura and Lanzarote), the Azores and the entire Portuguese coast, are just some of the destinations that contributed to its technical and personal evolution.

The training methods developed allow students to learn safe and fun. To this day, André maintains all the training methodology and philosophy learned and assimilated by his Master José Seabra.

Mission, Vision and Values

Happy Surfers, it’s our Mission! We intend to transmit the true essence of surfing, creating surfers of body and soul. Teaching the art of gliding on the waves in a fun, safe and professional way is our goal.

Betting on classes to tourists and locals, we sensitize all practitioners of the sport to the importance of protection and preservation of the environment.

With our experience and knowledge, we explore the entire coast of the island in search of the ideal conditions. Consistency of the waves, quality and mild temperatures throughout the year privilege our Mission.

The Azores Surf School has as its vision to promote activities of a recreational, cultural, sports and tourist nature, encompassed in the practice of surfing. It intends to continue to be a national and international reference institution, pioneering and sustainable in all its areas of activity.

The Azores Surf School is guided by ethics, honesty, dedication, rigor and professionalism.


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Zorinha Inês
A melhor Escola de de surf, adorei a experiência, vou voltar


Isabelle De Waele Pereira
I would definitely recommend this school good ambiance top teacher top location.


Anna Servva
Great atmosphere! my recommandation in 100%.