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Julho de 2012 – SurfingEurope: Reportagem sobre a Azores Surf School

Julho de 2012 – SurfingEurope: Reportagem sobre a Azores Surf School

Reportagem efetuada pela “Surfingeurope” acerca da Azores Surf School


“The Azores Surf School, situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, offers surfing lessons to beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers alike. The man at the heart of the surf school is instructor, Andre Caetano. Although he is in his early thirties, he already has several decades of surfing experience to draw from and a passion for teaching the sport to newcomers.

Andre has surfed in many of the top surfing locations across the world, which gives him wide experience as a surfing professional and instructor. He has spent time on the waves in the Canary Islands, across Portugal, in Indonesia and in the Dominican Republic. His experience means that he has picked up coaching tips that will help learners feel relaxed and comfortable on the waves, and have fun doing so.

Coaching at this school takes place first thing in the morning. Many surfing schools start their tuition mid morning and continue into the afternoon, which allows a more relaxed rhythm to the week. However, in locations such as this, where crowding can become a problem and the beaches fill up very quickly from mid-morning and lunchtime onwards, it makes sense to take to the waves as early as possible to make the most of the surf and to avoid getting overpowered by other tourists and surfers.

Guests to the surf school begin their sessions by congregating on Populo Beach, at Areias do Borralho. They need to be prepared for the fact that if the atmospheric pressure results in surfing conditions that are too rough, classes occasionally have to be cancelled. If the wind is too high and the swell too strong, it wouldn’t be fair or safe to subject learners to taking to the waves.

The lessons provided by Andre at the Surf School in the Azores last between two and three hours each. This is a healthy amount of time to be out at sea, and many other schools limit their lessons to an hour or two, perhaps providing two such sessions a day. The longer two to three hour session could suit you if you prefer an intensive coaching approach, but equally for beginners who are lacking in strength and stamina, this length of session might cause a problem.

A single lesson costs around 35 euros, and discounts are available for additional lessons booked at the same time – a set of 6 sessions is only 120 euros, and a full 10 session package will cost 150 euros. Those attending the school are advised to bring their own towel, as well as a hat and sun screen to protect them from the harsh Azorean sun. So if you’re happy to rise early, then come and try some lesson with Andre.”