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Ding Repair

Nowadays surfboards are produced with materials that make them lighter but at the same time more fragile.

When leaving the house, in or out of water, in a simple car transport or, at greater risk, in an air transport, no one is free to damage his board that will need immediate repair.

If it were a simple task, it would be easy to solve, but it’s really a very technical and highly skilled work. Knowing just how worrisome is a simple fissure in the board or we come across with the board divided in two, the Azores Surf School provides the perfect solution for each case.

We have created a repair service with fast delivery times and high quality, with the great advantage that we present the possibility of collecting and delivering the material in a place to combine.


1. Order

The appointment for the repair of your equipment should be made by telephone (+351) 914 012 978.

2. Collection of the Board

Together with the specialist in repairs, the board will be collected in a place to be combined. After analysis of the material to be repaired, the budget will be delivered and may vary depending on the type of arrangement and the intended delivery date (Standart – 1 week / Express – 2 to 3 days).

3. Repair

When you arrive at the workshop, the repair of your board will be carried out by an experienced professional who guarantees a high quality repair.

4. Delivery

The delivery will be made in a place to be agreed with the customer, and the customer must verify the repair made in order to confirm that it is in accordance with the request.