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Since 2004, the Azores Surf School has been offering Summer Surf Lab, Christmas Surf Lab and Easter Surf Lab holiday camps. As the name implies, they mainly focus on intensive surf training.

However, in addition to surfing, other activities also take place, such as body boarding, skate boarding, stand up paddle, and canoeing.

The holiday camps are held during the week, from Monday to Friday, and the client can choose between half days or full days.

During summer vacations and at the request of the students, to finish in great fun, we usually close the camp with campsites, cantonments and surf trips. In this type of conviviality, in addition to improving and feeding the true essence of surfing, students learn and develop new skills. They learn to fish, cook, and help with small household chores. Everyone participates! We spent the day in dialogue with the sea, we finished it around the bonfire and the next day before sunrise… we started all over again! In the background, it is the fulfillment of the dream of one who loves, vibrates and wishes to evolve in the modality … “Surf, Eat & Repeat”!!!

In short, these kinds of programs translate into unforgettable experiences for our young surfers. They allow a greater interaction with nature and, in an automatic and natural way, sensitize for the protection and preservation of the environment.

A delivery of body and soul that allows to develop important feelings of personal fulfillment, confidence and self esteem, allied to an active and healthy lifestyle!