Azores Surf School and things that you like


classes are designed for students who truly love surfing and who intend to move to the highest level. Evolution of the maneuver technique  such as “Cut Back”, “Round House Cut Back”, “Off The Lip”, “Snap”, “Carve”, “Tail Blow”, “Floater”, among others, will be deepened in this learning stage.

Evolution will come with dedication! It will take many hours of training, effort and sacrifice. The student must be prepared to evaluate the sea conditions and adapt to the different waves, whether they are tubular, soft, short, long, fast or slow wich work with different winds, tides and swell.

The level of physical and psychological exigency will be much higher, since the conditions to be faced will be of higher risk and of greater endurance.

Main Difficulties in Evolution

– Physical condition;

– Face and overcome fear;

– Positioning at sea;

– Selection of waves;

– Reading of the sea and waves;

– Technique;

– Timing in the maneuvers;

– Motor coordination;

– Style.

Ideal Area of Learning

To evolve and achieve a high level of surfing, the athlete must practice in all conditions of the sea, from the most adverse to the most perfect.

It is essential to surf all types of waves: “beach break”, “reef break” and “point break”.

Material required

High performance boards:

  • Small Wave Performance (Groveler)
  • All Round (Daily Driver)
  • Step Up (Mini Gun/ Gun)